What Weekend?!

It's Sunday already and I want to know, What Weekend?!  

Here is a rundown of the weekend:
Saturday was a GREAT day! I got to play hostess because all of my family was at our house.  The morning started bright and early at 6:45, when my angel woke up and was ready for his mommy.  We ate breakfast, played, had a breathing treatment, and took a nap.  Then, my dad, Judy (GF), Nathan (brother), Alissa (GF - LOVE HER), Kara (Dad's GF daughter) and Daniel (Kara's BF)- did you follow all that? - all came over for homemade pizza and Nathan and Alissa brought cake balls - DELISH! After lunch, Kane went back to the golf course, Nathan slept on the couch, and Alissa and I talked (love her) while everyone else went to Amarillo for a dance recital.  Parker got in on the talking action too! Did I mention that I love, Love, LOVE Alissa? I have had a crazy hankering to get back to Goodwill to see what I could find, so when Nathan and his better half headed back to Lubbock, Kane and I loaded up Parker and went to Goodwill.  Last week while doing my daily blog stalking, I found my next project here and I needed a lamp. 

Here is what I found:
 My $9 Goodwill lamp

I started on it while Parker played on the floor, but I didn't get to finish it. I will share the finished product hopefully this week! I was just so excited about my find that I needed to show it off!

On to Sunday...my day started at 7:30!! HOLLA! This is the latest that I have slept in I don't even know how long - it was AH-MAY-ZING! We got up, had breakfast, played on the floor, and played hookey from church - Dada is sick...:0( Kane slept a bunch and Parker slept a bunch little. I have started this horribly bad habit of napping with Parker in the recliner on the weekends - he needs the sleep and so did I. So now, Parker will only nap when I am holding him. Oops, do you think I will get anything done this summer?! We will break that habit...eventually.  Confession: I did the following project instead of the mountain of laundry and the countertopS full of dishes...I needed this...really, I did!
 You are looking at 2 things: my awesome red door that I painted right before Easter and my awesome wreath! The before picture is below...

It was a blonde-y color that I sanded smooth before I painted it this great red color from Sherwin Williams. I think it looks SOOOOOO much better!
Good Job Momma!

 Hellllloooooo Gorgeous!!

MMMMMMKKKKK, I have a question for ALLLLLLLLL of my blog readers (sarcastic tone was implied), how in the WORLD do you have time to craft and take care of a baby and do the laundry and do the dishes and cook supper and take a shower? In my blog stalking, yes I am now a reality TV/blog addicted/1st grade teacher/mommy of one/wife of one...I digress...I see all of these AH-MAY-ZING projects that I want to do, but I just don't have time, so how do y'all do it? I need that creative outlet, but when do you have time? So if there is anybody out there that is reading this, do you have an answer....??

And with that, it is time for a shower and a bed! Until next time...

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