Last Day of School

You know how you countdown for Christmas and take each ornament out of the advent calendar and hang it on your tree and then when it is finally Christmas you feel that letdown or how you start your birthday month countdown and you mark through the days and then it's your birthday and you kinda feel like "what now"..? Surely I am not the only one that gets a birthday month, right?! I digress, that is how I feel - Friday was the last day of school. It was a very emotional day...

1. The next time that I drop off my sweet boy, he will be too big to carry in in his car seat. He will be almost 9 months! He will (hopefully) be crawling and be closing in on 1 year...I now know how my dad felt with each milestone in my life - each step closer to me being a grown - each step to Parker being a big boy. I know that I need to be glad that he is growing and accomplishing and trust me, I am, but it is still waaaaaaaaay hard to let him grow!
2 Months Old - the morning that I went back to work

Almost 6 months - the last day of school

Mrs. Karen, Parker, Mrs. Tracy - his daytime mothers
2. I am saying good-bye to a very life-changing year. I started out the year just a teacher and I ended it as a mom.

3. While I was on bed-rest, there was plenty of time to think about things and lots of stuff became VERY clear to me. I learned who were my true friends and who were not - I was surprised by several people and true colors were shown by others. I want the few people from my school that called, texted, and/or came by to know that I truly appreciate you - I can never fully express how deeply it touched me.

4. I had one parent that throughout the year became more of a friend than a parent. We had daily e-mail convos (SHHH - don't tell my boss!) She e-mailed me on a consistent basis while I was gone just to check on me and let me know how much I was missed. Both that mom and child will forever be in my heart.

5. Drama - that is the one word that I would use to describe this year. No matter what I did, it followed me and because of that, I had to do some major soul-searching, mirror looking, action revamping work on myself and that is where we will leave that.

SO, let me make this one last point and I will be done rambling...even though I had a very emotional day on Friday,  

Stay tuned to see what happens! :0) 

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