Ohhh Breathing Treatments...

Ok so breathing treatments are supposed to help, right?  Well, they helped with his not sleeping problem!  We have been up since 12:45.  He was bright-eyed and bushy tailed until about 3:30 this morning and then the screaming commenced. Needless to say, the Cannedy household is a little bleary eyed this evening.  I know that it was the medicine that made him so alert, so I am hoping that he's had enough treatments to get his body regulated.  I gave Parker his last treatment of the day at about 5:15, instead of waiting until right before bed. After supper, mommy and daddy will be hitting the sack with a GIANT prayer going up for some sleep!  Sometimes it is hard to remember the bigger picture when you are battling a sleep deprived migraine, but every night of no sleep is sooooo worth it every time Parker looks at me and smiles.  Now, with that said, I do like sleep and everyone in my life is much happier when I have had a good 6 hours!

With all the energy we can muster, it is time for cereal and carrots.  Send a prayer up for us!

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