Memorial Day Weekend

Thank you to our military men and women and their daily sacrifices. May God bless you and yours.

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was great - here is the rundown!

Gigi and Dougles were in town - that is Kane's mom and stepdad...
I had to work so they were on baby duty...I know, I know - tough job!

Fish Fry at Nana and PawPaw's house - Monda and time for the boys and mom time for the was great!

Date Night - woohoo! It was so weird - what do we do, what do we talk about, how do we act??! It made us wonder, what was life like pre-Parker..? We saw The Hangover II - it was hysterical! Then we went to Walmart and Hastings - it was too early to go home, so we went to Chili's to have a drink and some appetizers - there isn't much to do in Plainview, but we made the best of a free babysitter! 

Parker woke up 1 AM...enough said.

Breakfast with Gigi


Gigi, Dougles, and Parker
Not a lot of action, but it was GREAT! I love family time!!

Last Day of School

You know how you countdown for Christmas and take each ornament out of the advent calendar and hang it on your tree and then when it is finally Christmas you feel that letdown or how you start your birthday month countdown and you mark through the days and then it's your birthday and you kinda feel like "what now"..? Surely I am not the only one that gets a birthday month, right?! I digress, that is how I feel - Friday was the last day of school. It was a very emotional day...

1. The next time that I drop off my sweet boy, he will be too big to carry in in his car seat. He will be almost 9 months! He will (hopefully) be crawling and be closing in on 1 year...I now know how my dad felt with each milestone in my life - each step closer to me being a grown - each step to Parker being a big boy. I know that I need to be glad that he is growing and accomplishing and trust me, I am, but it is still waaaaaaaaay hard to let him grow!
2 Months Old - the morning that I went back to work

Almost 6 months - the last day of school

Mrs. Karen, Parker, Mrs. Tracy - his daytime mothers
2. I am saying good-bye to a very life-changing year. I started out the year just a teacher and I ended it as a mom.

3. While I was on bed-rest, there was plenty of time to think about things and lots of stuff became VERY clear to me. I learned who were my true friends and who were not - I was surprised by several people and true colors were shown by others. I want the few people from my school that called, texted, and/or came by to know that I truly appreciate you - I can never fully express how deeply it touched me.

4. I had one parent that throughout the year became more of a friend than a parent. We had daily e-mail convos (SHHH - don't tell my boss!) She e-mailed me on a consistent basis while I was gone just to check on me and let me know how much I was missed. Both that mom and child will forever be in my heart.

5. Drama - that is the one word that I would use to describe this year. No matter what I did, it followed me and because of that, I had to do some major soul-searching, mirror looking, action revamping work on myself and that is where we will leave that.

SO, let me make this one last point and I will be done rambling...even though I had a very emotional day on Friday,  

Stay tuned to see what happens! :0) 

What Weekend?!

It's Sunday already and I want to know, What Weekend?!  

Here is a rundown of the weekend:
Saturday was a GREAT day! I got to play hostess because all of my family was at our house.  The morning started bright and early at 6:45, when my angel woke up and was ready for his mommy.  We ate breakfast, played, had a breathing treatment, and took a nap.  Then, my dad, Judy (GF), Nathan (brother), Alissa (GF - LOVE HER), Kara (Dad's GF daughter) and Daniel (Kara's BF)- did you follow all that? - all came over for homemade pizza and Nathan and Alissa brought cake balls - DELISH! After lunch, Kane went back to the golf course, Nathan slept on the couch, and Alissa and I talked (love her) while everyone else went to Amarillo for a dance recital.  Parker got in on the talking action too! Did I mention that I love, Love, LOVE Alissa? I have had a crazy hankering to get back to Goodwill to see what I could find, so when Nathan and his better half headed back to Lubbock, Kane and I loaded up Parker and went to Goodwill.  Last week while doing my daily blog stalking, I found my next project here and I needed a lamp. 

Here is what I found:
 My $9 Goodwill lamp

I started on it while Parker played on the floor, but I didn't get to finish it. I will share the finished product hopefully this week! I was just so excited about my find that I needed to show it off!

On to day started at 7:30!! HOLLA! This is the latest that I have slept in I don't even know how long - it was AH-MAY-ZING! We got up, had breakfast, played on the floor, and played hookey from church - Dada is sick...:0( Kane slept a bunch and Parker slept a bunch little. I have started this horribly bad habit of napping with Parker in the recliner on the weekends - he needs the sleep and so did I. So now, Parker will only nap when I am holding him. Oops, do you think I will get anything done this summer?! We will break that habit...eventually.  Confession: I did the following project instead of the mountain of laundry and the countertopS full of dishes...I needed this...really, I did!
 You are looking at 2 things: my awesome red door that I painted right before Easter and my awesome wreath! The before picture is below...

It was a blonde-y color that I sanded smooth before I painted it this great red color from Sherwin Williams. I think it looks SOOOOOO much better!
Good Job Momma!

 Hellllloooooo Gorgeous!!

MMMMMMKKKKK, I have a question for ALLLLLLLLL of my blog readers (sarcastic tone was implied), how in the WORLD do you have time to craft and take care of a baby and do the laundry and do the dishes and cook supper and take a shower? In my blog stalking, yes I am now a reality TV/blog addicted/1st grade teacher/mommy of one/wife of one...I digress...I see all of these AH-MAY-ZING projects that I want to do, but I just don't have time, so how do y'all do it? I need that creative outlet, but when do you have time? So if there is anybody out there that is reading this, do you have an answer....??

And with that, it is time for a shower and a bed! Until next time...

Baby Food

Ok - long story short, about 2 1/2 years ago, my mother-in-law sent me link to this baby food maker and I have saved it, thinking that I would make my own baby food with that exact appliance.  Well for Mother's Day, she got it for me!  Thanks Gigi!

Fast forward to Saturday, Kane and I decided to make a vegetable garden.  Actually, I decided, so Kane had to oblige! I looked up how to make a raised bed because I didn't want Layla to be able to get into it. Plus, I didn't really want to have to dig up a spot in our backyard, blah blah blah. So we went to our local lumber store and got 5 - 2x6x12 treated boards and some screws.  Then we went to Gebo's (Kane's company...there are 17 stores across Texas and New much more than a farm and ranch store and no they don't pay me for shameless plugs) to get 3 bags of each of the following: top soil, composted manure, and garden soil and some seeds (green beans, cucumbers, peas).  Then we stopped at the nursery and got strawberry, tomato, and squash plants.  We decided to make the bed 4 feet by 4 feet and 6 inches deep.  Kane measured, cut, and drilled.  I emptied and spread and planted and below are the fruits of our labor!

 Couldn't resist this pic! I believe that is a sweet potato and prune smile. Yum.
 Here is a side shot of where we put the vegetable garden.
 Hi Hubs!
 This is what Parker did for half the time. He cried/slept the other half.
Here is the final product! Kane and I worked so hard!! 

Did you happen to notice how fantastic the pics are?! That is thanks to my Mother's Day present from the hubs and the babe - a Canon Rebel T3. Love.

Fast forward to Monday afternoon - Parker and I went out back to water in our veggies and swing and I noticed that the dirt was all messed up and a plant on the ground.  So Parker and I walked over to see what was wrong and what do I find...?? Two of my strawberry plants are on the ground, one missing tomato plant and all my rows with seeds are mixed around. Layla. Ohhhhh Layla. Why are you so mean to your momma?!  I was crushed.  I was so stinking excited about that dumb garden.  I tried to fix it as best as I could.  On Tuesday afternoon, I went back out to water it and my squash plants were missing and the one remaining tomato plant was laying on it's side and there was a GIANT hole where she dug out the dirt.  I guess that we are either going to have to put up a fence...this saga is most def to be continued.

A Great Way To Start Your Day...

These pictures were taken over Spring Break, while we were in Dallas.  They were taken by Tara Haelle at  She did an amazing job, but of course she had a pretty darn cute subject.  No, I wasn't talking about me! :0)

I thought we could all use a pick me up! Plus I had a few minutes before leaving for work!

Happy Maddy's Day...and a few Mommy Thoughts

Happy Maddy's Day..?? Yeup, Maddy's Day...up until this year, it has always been Maddy's Day - Mother+Daddy=Maddy.  Without going into all the details, my daddy was the one who raised me. He was my everything, my rock, my best friend until I met Kane.  If you know my dad, you know that he is my inspiration for being a better person, teacher, parent.  If I can be half the parent he was and is, then I will be successful. So, Happy Maddy's Day, Daddy! 

Today marks one week of breathing treatments...I can't really tell if they are working or not, but we will keep on trying.  We are getting some sleep, so that is always a positive!  Parker is teething REALLY badly; everything goes to his mouth and leaves it covered in baby drool!  He is a trooper, but I know that his teeth are really hurting.

Last week, at school, was our annual track meet.  Three days of brutal wind and cold in the morning and wicked heat and wind in the afternoon...awesome.  Our PE coach is this young, energetic, crazy-athletic girl.  I feel like she has brought a breath of fresh air to the gym. Love. Her. Anyway, on Friday after all the field and running events were over, she wanted to have a teacher run.  Soooooooo, being the fun and free-spirited teacher that I am, I was game. I lost.  Bad. It was embarrassing. Very embarrassing. It was only 100M, but it was enough to make more sore for three days. Ridiculous.  Moving on.

14 days left of school.  Thank goodness! 

Hop on over to and check out my next craft project. I am going to try to get it done this week. It depends on the amount of sleep mommy and baby get!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Ohhh Breathing Treatments...

Ok so breathing treatments are supposed to help, right?  Well, they helped with his not sleeping problem!  We have been up since 12:45.  He was bright-eyed and bushy tailed until about 3:30 this morning and then the screaming commenced. Needless to say, the Cannedy household is a little bleary eyed this evening.  I know that it was the medicine that made him so alert, so I am hoping that he's had enough treatments to get his body regulated.  I gave Parker his last treatment of the day at about 5:15, instead of waiting until right before bed. After supper, mommy and daddy will be hitting the sack with a GIANT prayer going up for some sleep!  Sometimes it is hard to remember the bigger picture when you are battling a sleep deprived migraine, but every night of no sleep is sooooo worth it every time Parker looks at me and smiles.  Now, with that said, I do like sleep and everyone in my life is much happier when I have had a good 6 hours!

With all the energy we can muster, it is time for cereal and carrots.  Send a prayer up for us!

Long Time Coming...

Holy Moly! It sure has been a while since I have posted anything of relevance...So where shall I start..??

Easter 2011
The Easter weekend started off fantastic!  No school on Friday AND a clean house - HOLLA!! On Saturday, Kane and I got up and worked in the backyard, cleaning up the mess that the neighbor dog created. Yes she still visits and no, he STILL hasn't fixed his fence to keep her out.  Parker was in his swing while we raked away.  Then Saturday afternoon, my dad came up to spend the night.  I feel so bad because anytime he comes up, the daddy-do list is soooooo long!  This time, it was to fix the sprinkler heads...thanks Daddy! :0) It was so nice to have my dad here.  Parker loved it and so did my dad!  He got to feed him cereal and sweet potatoes and give him his bath - it was wonderful!  We got up Sunday morning and got ready for church and started prepping for Sunday lunch.  My dad, Judy, my brother, and his girlfriend Alyssa were coming in for lunch - a grand total of 6 plus the baby...I love having a full house of people, especially when I get to do all of the prep work...the last time I had a house full of people, I was on bed rest and had to watch everyone else do all the work...anyway, church was wonderful and so was lunch.  I am so glad that everyone was able to come...did I mention that I love Nathan's girlfriend...?!  Love. Her.

Here are a few of the pictures from the weekend.
Poppy and Parker

Checking out what the Easter Bunny brought him

Love his duckies on his jammies!

He would NOT look at the camera - must like taking pictures about as much as his daddy!

The Easter Bunny came again while we were at church!  His onesie is ADORBS!  I ordered it from - it is a dump truck with eggs and his name embroidered on it!

Easter Egg Hunt at daycare (I loaded it right side up, but it imported sideways, so adjust your head accordingly!)

5 Months and Breathing Treatments
Yesterday, my sweet baby boy turned 5 months old.  I didn't get any pictures of him, because we were lazy bones yesterday, but I will get some soon!  He has been getting very snotty and coughing a lot over the past week, so I called the doctor today to see what they wanted me to do.  I was giving him the same medicine that they gave him from the last time he was sick.  Honestly, I was irritated that I had to load him up, drive to Lubbock with gas at $3.77 a was supposed to be a day to stay home and snuggle, no school and no worries.  Well, thank goodness I did, because my sweet boy has to have breathing treatments.  We are basically treating it like allergy induced asthma.  He has to have 3-4 treatments a day, with 2 different medicines.  It is a lot for his little body to handle and I hope that it will help soon.  We did the first treatment before bed tonight and he basically screamed through the whole thing.  As I sit here writing, I can hear his horrible coughs through the monitor.  I pray that he gets better soon! 

Here is a picture of his new toy... :0/

Mommy Thoughts #1
-Parker weighs 17 pounds...that is a two pound gain in one month.  He is chunky and I LOVE it!  All of it.
-Yesterday was his 5 Month Birthday.  Where has the time gone?!
-I hate dealing with the insurance company.
-Sunday is Mother's Day. Remember those mommies who have lost their babies.  And those babies with no mommies.
-There are 19 days left of school.  Amen.
-We need rain.
-Parker has tried green beans and hates them.  He has tried sweet potatoes and is meh about them.  He has tried peas and hates them.  Tonight he tried carrots and was slightly more meh about them than sweet potatoes.  He doesn't like cereal anymore either, yet he still gained 2 pounds..?!
-I am addicted to reality TV - the trashier the better!
-I wonder if they make a Nap Nanny in a twin size, because Parker will be in that thing until he goes to college.  We broke the swaddle habit, but c'mon people, I need sleep too!