Baby Food

Ok - long story short, about 2 1/2 years ago, my mother-in-law sent me link to this baby food maker and I have saved it, thinking that I would make my own baby food with that exact appliance.  Well for Mother's Day, she got it for me!  Thanks Gigi!

Fast forward to Saturday, Kane and I decided to make a vegetable garden.  Actually, I decided, so Kane had to oblige! I looked up how to make a raised bed because I didn't want Layla to be able to get into it. Plus, I didn't really want to have to dig up a spot in our backyard, blah blah blah. So we went to our local lumber store and got 5 - 2x6x12 treated boards and some screws.  Then we went to Gebo's (Kane's company...there are 17 stores across Texas and New much more than a farm and ranch store and no they don't pay me for shameless plugs) to get 3 bags of each of the following: top soil, composted manure, and garden soil and some seeds (green beans, cucumbers, peas).  Then we stopped at the nursery and got strawberry, tomato, and squash plants.  We decided to make the bed 4 feet by 4 feet and 6 inches deep.  Kane measured, cut, and drilled.  I emptied and spread and planted and below are the fruits of our labor!

 Couldn't resist this pic! I believe that is a sweet potato and prune smile. Yum.
 Here is a side shot of where we put the vegetable garden.
 Hi Hubs!
 This is what Parker did for half the time. He cried/slept the other half.
Here is the final product! Kane and I worked so hard!! 

Did you happen to notice how fantastic the pics are?! That is thanks to my Mother's Day present from the hubs and the babe - a Canon Rebel T3. Love.

Fast forward to Monday afternoon - Parker and I went out back to water in our veggies and swing and I noticed that the dirt was all messed up and a plant on the ground.  So Parker and I walked over to see what was wrong and what do I find...?? Two of my strawberry plants are on the ground, one missing tomato plant and all my rows with seeds are mixed around. Layla. Ohhhhh Layla. Why are you so mean to your momma?!  I was crushed.  I was so stinking excited about that dumb garden.  I tried to fix it as best as I could.  On Tuesday afternoon, I went back out to water it and my squash plants were missing and the one remaining tomato plant was laying on it's side and there was a GIANT hole where she dug out the dirt.  I guess that we are either going to have to put up a fence...this saga is most def to be continued.

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