My Obsession...

I have to confess. I have several obsessions (reality TV, organizing things, root beer, the Hubs, Baby P, morning phone calls with my daddy, shoes...) 
BUT my main one is's kind of a problem...I love, Love, LOVE it. I am always looking for new ways to organize it because I have so much that I forget about this piece or that piece...SO when I saw a tweet from Little Miss Momma (I'm kinda obsessed with her blog..maybe I should add it to the list...?)about a DIY of her Pottery Barn jewelry holder, I knew I had to make it! 

So let the creating begin...

3-Tiered Jewelry Holder Supplies:
4 glass candle holders
3 metal trays
Epoxy (I used Gorilla Glue Epoxy)
Spray Paint (I used white)

Candle Holders and Metal Trays

The Hubs and Baby P drilling holes in the metal trays - 1 hole every 3rd ridge.

I mixed up the epoxy and glued two candlesticks together and then onto a tray with holes. I glued the other drilled tray to the top of that. Then, the other two candlesticks were glued together and then to the bottom of the middle tray. Once it was dry, I spray painted it white.

Here is what my earrings were on before. I made this over 4 years ago. It worked and was cute when all the gems were on it.

And here is what holds my earrings now! It turned out great!  I had to use one hole for each pair of earrings because yes I have that many and yes, they are color co-ordinated! I put what I wear the most on the trays. Trust me - it's not anywhere near all of my jewelry. See what it's sitting on...?? That's a jewelry armoire...ha

Here are some of my necklaces. They are on hangers in the closet. Any ideas on how to hang those better?

My bracelets. I use a plastic shoe rack to hold those - I can see all of them and the colors can be put together...

I showed the Hubs and he was impressed:

Me: "Now, that's not all of my jewelry..."
Hubs: "I know."
Me: "I think I have a problem..."
Hubs: "Uh, ya think? Jewelry and shoes."


There is a lot of it that I don't wear and I could get rid of it, but I am saving it...for my daughter. NO, I am not pregnant, but I know that someday God will bless us with a little girl and she will want to play dress up with Mommy's jewels...sentimental - most definitely! pack rat - uhhh duh, but I come by it honestly, ahem...wink wink

What do you think? Impressed...?


Yesterday started out really well - I had all these wonderful intentions of starting and hopefully completing a project or two...I really wanted to make Parker's onesies, work on my jewelry holder (that post tomorrow), and start on my purse project (that post hopefully soon). Yes, I still have my burlap lamp to complete and I have a book wreath and a necklace still in the works. However, with a 6 month old, things just don't happen like they used to!

Here is our day in pictures:
Our dining room table/craft table - a mess! See the chair on the right - that is another project - paint and recover...there's four of them.

Our living room floor - my OCD twitch is starting (kidding...kinda)

I did manage to start on Parker's onesies while he took a nap.  Two onesies and two iron-on transfers.      

Directions say to trim around the transfer and so I must oblige.

We are trimmed, placed and ready to transfer!

Directions said to use a transfer towel because you aren't supposed to let the iron touch the transfer. I tried it that way and then I tried it my way (ironing directly onto the onseie) and...

This is what I got...Disaster - why do I even attempt iron-ons...?? Every time I try them, I fail. Miserably.

Round 2 - Hello Goodwill
So, on the crafty front...disaster. On the mommy front...awesome! We had a trip to Walmart, some great tummy time, and a lot of singing and dancing while lunch was cooking. Tomorrow's post is an idea I snagged from Little Miss Momma

Hope y'all had a good one!

The Dressing Room

It's summer! ...but that also brings us to the...
bathing suit. I have never been a bathing suit person - which is kinda ironic because I grew up with a swimming pool and also spent 4 years in high school in a bathing suit (varsity swimmer and lifeguard)...

Being pregnant really did a number on my body (not alone in this situation)- it was hard on me physically, emotionally, really every -lly way that it could possibly be...I loved every moment of being pregnant...almost. I will be honest, there were times that I cried because I felt like that giant cow in the pasture that I passed on my way to work, but I had to be reminded (thanks Hubs and Daddy) that it was all for a good reason - Parker...let me tell ya, I earned every stretch mark and ounce of fat that was placed on my body! When I get down on myself when I look in the mirror - like today when I bought my bathing suit, all I have to do is look down and see those chubby cheeks smiling up at me and I am reminded, that is why I have this jiggly tummy and it's okay with me - it goes along with the 4 inch roots, acne scars, dark circles and the wrinkles...yes the wrinkles...but it all compliments my smile, my eyes, my humor and my personality...

Ok - so here is where I am going with this.  Body issues have plagued me since I don't know when - no amount of flattery and praise has/will change(d) that. I hate that about myself - not that I am the only one that struggles with's society...we have done this to ourselves. I see girls in my elementary struggle with these same issues, some in 1st, more in 2nd, lots in 3rd, but most in the 4th grade - HOW SAD?! How do we help these girls understand that you don't have to fit into this "perfect" mold - there is no "perfect" - we can go back to the old adage "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"...

Little Miss Momma tweeted about this post yesterday - just in time for me to read it before I bought a bathing suit today. How perfect - I wish that I had that frame of day I will - mark my words.

I am beautiful. Maybe this will be my mantra and a # on my life list/101 things to do that I am working on...