Days 17-23

Day 17: I am thankful for the technology that enables me to have my daily morning conversations with my dad - I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Day 18: I am thankful for the freedom to believe in Who I choose and to worship Who I choose - I am no where close to the relationship that I need, but it's a daily goal...I am blessed beyond measure.

Day 19: I am thankful that I started getting my Christmas decorations up - I have to get a jump start this year so that it's all done for Parker's party!

Day 20: I am thankful for my body - yup, with all of it's imperfections and things that need to tighten up and shrink in, but without it, I wouldn't be able to get up and do all the things that I do on a daily basis.

Day 21: I am thankful for laughter - laughing makes everything seem better!

Day 22: I am SO thankful for 2 day work weeks!! :0)

Day 23: I am thankful for my morning - laying in bed with my baby, cooking with Christmas carols on in the background...heaven!

Day 16...

I am thankful for my husband's willingness, drive, and desire to loose weight and lower his blood pressure...his motivation is what keeps me going and my motivation will keep him going! 

Here's to a healthy lifestyle!

Days 1-15...late

I am always late to the party, but here we go:

Day 1: Considering it's Parker's 11 Month Birthday - I am thankful for my sweet, entertaining, healthy, amazing baby boy!

Day 2: My husband - he puts up with all of my annoying little ticks and still supports and loves me for that...

Day 3: My job - sometimes I hate that I have to drop off my son, while I raise someone else's kid, but then I remember, this is were God wants me...

Day 4: Large Diet Cokes from Sonic - they are my Friday treat and make Friday's that much more sweeter...

Day 5: Instant connections and the strength, courage, and ability to make that friendship grow...

Day 6: My friends - they may be few and far between, but I love them all dearly! 

Day 7: Gigi and her willingness and devotion to my sweet angel baby...

Day 8: Gigi again because without her, my living room would STILL not be painted...

Day 9: My 7:15 morning phone calls with my daddy - we may not solve the problems of the world, but we sure try!

Day 10: Pintrest - yes, I went there...I freaking LOVE this's my drug of choice

Day 11: Our Veterans, their families and the sacrifices that they have made for my freedom

Day 12: Kane's job and the things that it has enabled us to do together

Day 13: Coffee - it makes late nights and early mornings managable

Day 14: 6 hour car drives where I can get lost in my thoughts and prayers

Day 15: PAYDAY - enough said...

Reunion Time...

This weekend was Kane's 10 year high school reunion. I can't believe that it has been 10 years since he graduated...that means that it was 10 years ago that my brother graduated...which means my 10 year reunion is just around the corner - yikesssss!!

He lived in Wichita Falls and graduated from Ryder, so we drove down Friday afternoon and met his parents and grandmother to make the trade. What trade? Ohhhh yes friends, I forgot to mention that Parker is spending the week, yes WEEK, in Dallas with GiGi and Dougles. I know, I am very proud of myself is great for everyone involved but it's still incredibly hard - I miss my little man. Anywho, we made the trade and Kane and I hightailed it to the Ryder/Old High (long time rivals) football game to see if Kane remembered anyone...he actually did - I was quite impressed!! 

I was really excited to meet one of his classmates in particular - Angie...there is an incredibly funny story behind my desire to meet her, but I will not divulge that info because it could totally be construed into something that it's not...just trust me when I say it was hi-sterical! After I met Angie and her husband, we hit it off instantly and I haven't laughed this hard or this much in a realllllyyy long time - we had an incredible time this weekend and I am pretty sure that we have made friends for life...

It was a great weekend and a great distraction from missing my little monster!

Fall Fun

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the changing temperatures, I love the changing leaves, I love that I get to start wearing leggings and boots, and yes I love time change! There is something about the smell of the heater and it being dark that makes me want to snuggle - love!!

With the onset of Fall, I couldn't wait to take Parker to the pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins and practice my photography skills (ha!). There is a fantastic little pumpkin patch in Floydada, which is about 30 minutes from Plainview. They have cute little places to take pictures and they always have great prices on pumpkins. So a few Saturdays ago, we dressed in our best Fall attire, loaded up the Jeep and hit the trails...Parker's girlfriend came too! Here are some ADORABLE pictures that I took in complete manual mode - holla! Unfortunately, you can tell that they are amateur photos taken in manual mode... 
 Parker would not let go of Henley - he was so excited to have her in his wagon!
 Sweet Little Faces
 Now it's Henley's turn to not let go of Parker - we have some of the best pictures from this spot!
 Love it!
 Death grip...
 Sweet little feet

Last weekend was a big weekend! It was my birthday on Saturday and then it was my school's Harvest Festival. We decided to take Parker in his costume. My dad was going to stay with him while I worked the cake walk. Needless to say, Parker was NOT in the best mood that's really my fault because he didn't get a good afternoon nap and it was hot and loud in the gym. Then Monday was Halloween! Parker and I went Trick-or-Treating with the kids from daycare on Monday afternoon. Then, all three of us went Monday night. I, of course, had an impromptu photo shoot in the front yard. Here are some pictures of Parks in his Halloween outfit and then with his costume:
 This was at daycare - I couldn't get all my stuff on my camera to line up, sooooo it's more than just a little bright...oops!
 Mommy's Little Ghost
 Love that toothy grin!
 Loved the stick in the background until I noticed it looked like it was growing out of his head...maybe that's what Wes was talking about in my photography class...??

 Parker loved carrying around the little buckets I had
 Parker and Daddy
My Little Monkey
Happy Fall Y'all!

We Plan...God Laughs

Happy Tuesday ~ I hope all is well with you and yours!

Kane and I have been meeting with a financial planner for the last couple of months. It's quite comical because we don't have any financials to plan, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, one of the things that he has recommended to us is life insurance, which got us onto the topic of a will...

The thought of having to make the decision of who gets the pleasure of raising Parker brings tears to my eyes and chills to my arms...he's my baby ~ I am the one who gets to do that...

Would they know that...he loves when you talk into his belly and his back...he doesn't like to lay down in the bathtub...he hated water when he was tiny, but now loves it and would really prefer to drink out of your cup...he likes to chew on the nebulizer hose while you give him breathing treatments...he snores because his allergies are bad...his favorite song is "You are my Sunshine"...he likes his milk warmed, not hot, not cold...he doesn't like his bottom patted, but his back rubbed and that he wants to hold your hand while you rock him...he needs all of his "slippies" in his crib with him...would they even know what his "slippy" is?!

So, I am going to throw a 2 year tantrum and say NO! I don't want anyone else to do my job of taking care of my baby... 

We can do all the planning that we want and continue thinking that we are in control - the whole time that we are down here, God is up there shaking His head and laughing because He knows that He is the only one in control...I can pitch my little fit (haha) but I have to fully trust in Him that He has the divine and perfect plan for me and today and everyday, I will continue to pray for strength to trust in Him...

On a brighter note, my birthday is next week!! Yay for me... :0)

Well Hello...

Yes, I am still alive and yes, I still stink at this whole blogging thing - maybe I can double up my efforts and get better?! Let me tell ya, if you're still reading, I still think, "Oh, I need to remember to blog about that!" or "This is going to make a great post...someday!" I have had a running ticker of things to blog about since, oh, July, but I never made the time to actually write them. Mainly because when I finally get the beast (that would be Parker - ha) down, I either want to sit and drool (ok - maybe not drool, but you get it...) or brush my teeth and crawl into bed...oh the life...ha!

So, here's the update in Cannedy's Corner:
1. Parker is 10 months (tear) and walking (double tear)!! He has been walking for about 3 weeks now...he's smart...aaaand I am in TROUBLE! :0)
2. Kane's mother was here for a week and it was wonderful - GiGi and Parks bonded and it was so special. The progress that Parker made was amazing.
3. I am now teaching 3rd Grade. It has been the best decision that I have made in my professional career. I absolutely LOVE who I work with - they are special ladies...
4. I took a small step towards a future goal on Saturday...I took a photography class. It was great, hard, but great. Look for future posts on my VERY elementary photos.
5. Humble Pie...that was going to be a post in itself...I ate a HUUUUGE serving of that this summer...I did 3 things that I said I would NEVER do: 1) I traded in the Trailblazer for It is a Chrysler 300. I call it the pimp wagon...I couldn't be more happy with it! 2) I bit the bullet and joined Facebook. Yup, that was the hardest piece of pie to eat. Now, I open and close it like, a million times. Oi. 
6. I have decided that the majority of my Christmas gifts this year will be things that I have made...yup, good plan.
7. I am sadly, ridiculously, unabashedly addicted to Pintrest. Holy Moly - that is the coolest thing E.V.E.R.
8. I lost 10 pounds in July by running and doing P90X. Then I stopped nursing and I gained every. single. pound. back.
9. I have a fantastic secret, but I can't tell you...yet. Oi.
10. Parker is going to spend 7 nights, in a row, away from me in November and I am so anxious about it - he has only spent 2 nights away from me and they were spread out.
11. I have started planning Parker's birthday party (triple tear).
12. It's 9:15, which is 15 minutes past my bedtime - night night!