Well Hello...

Yes, I am still alive and yes, I still stink at this whole blogging thing - maybe I can double up my efforts and get better?! Let me tell ya, if you're still reading, I still think, "Oh, I need to remember to blog about that!" or "This is going to make a great post...someday!" I have had a running ticker of things to blog about since, oh, July, but I never made the time to actually write them. Mainly because when I finally get the beast (that would be Parker - ha) down, I either want to sit and drool (ok - maybe not drool, but you get it...) or brush my teeth and crawl into bed...oh the life...ha!

So, here's the update in Cannedy's Corner:
1. Parker is 10 months (tear) and walking (double tear)!! He has been walking for about 3 weeks now...he's smart...aaaand I am in TROUBLE! :0)
2. Kane's mother was here for a week and it was wonderful - GiGi and Parks bonded and it was so special. The progress that Parker made was amazing.
3. I am now teaching 3rd Grade. It has been the best decision that I have made in my professional career. I absolutely LOVE who I work with - they are special ladies...
4. I took a small step towards a future goal on Saturday...I took a photography class. It was great, hard, but great. Look for future posts on my VERY elementary photos.
5. Humble Pie...that was going to be a post in itself...I ate a HUUUUGE serving of that this summer...I did 3 things that I said I would NEVER do: 1) I traded in the Trailblazer for a...car. It is a Chrysler 300. I call it the pimp wagon...I couldn't be more happy with it! 2) I bit the bullet and joined Facebook. Yup, that was the hardest piece of pie to eat. Now, I open and close it like, a million times. Oi. 
6. I have decided that the majority of my Christmas gifts this year will be things that I have made...yup, good plan.
7. I am sadly, ridiculously, unabashedly addicted to Pintrest. Holy Moly - that is the coolest thing E.V.E.R.
8. I lost 10 pounds in July by running and doing P90X. Then I stopped nursing and I gained every. single. pound. back.
9. I have a fantastic secret, but I can't tell you...yet. Oi.
10. Parker is going to spend 7 nights, in a row, away from me in November and I am so anxious about it - he has only spent 2 nights away from me and they were spread out.
11. I have started planning Parker's birthday party (triple tear).
12. It's 9:15, which is 15 minutes past my bedtime - night night!

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