My Obsession...

I have to confess. I have several obsessions (reality TV, organizing things, root beer, the Hubs, Baby P, morning phone calls with my daddy, shoes...) 
BUT my main one is's kind of a problem...I love, Love, LOVE it. I am always looking for new ways to organize it because I have so much that I forget about this piece or that piece...SO when I saw a tweet from Little Miss Momma (I'm kinda obsessed with her blog..maybe I should add it to the list...?)about a DIY of her Pottery Barn jewelry holder, I knew I had to make it! 

So let the creating begin...

3-Tiered Jewelry Holder Supplies:
4 glass candle holders
3 metal trays
Epoxy (I used Gorilla Glue Epoxy)
Spray Paint (I used white)

Candle Holders and Metal Trays

The Hubs and Baby P drilling holes in the metal trays - 1 hole every 3rd ridge.

I mixed up the epoxy and glued two candlesticks together and then onto a tray with holes. I glued the other drilled tray to the top of that. Then, the other two candlesticks were glued together and then to the bottom of the middle tray. Once it was dry, I spray painted it white.

Here is what my earrings were on before. I made this over 4 years ago. It worked and was cute when all the gems were on it.

And here is what holds my earrings now! It turned out great!  I had to use one hole for each pair of earrings because yes I have that many and yes, they are color co-ordinated! I put what I wear the most on the trays. Trust me - it's not anywhere near all of my jewelry. See what it's sitting on...?? That's a jewelry armoire...ha

Here are some of my necklaces. They are on hangers in the closet. Any ideas on how to hang those better?

My bracelets. I use a plastic shoe rack to hold those - I can see all of them and the colors can be put together...

I showed the Hubs and he was impressed:

Me: "Now, that's not all of my jewelry..."
Hubs: "I know."
Me: "I think I have a problem..."
Hubs: "Uh, ya think? Jewelry and shoes."


There is a lot of it that I don't wear and I could get rid of it, but I am saving it...for my daughter. NO, I am not pregnant, but I know that someday God will bless us with a little girl and she will want to play dress up with Mommy's jewels...sentimental - most definitely! pack rat - uhhh duh, but I come by it honestly, ahem...wink wink

What do you think? Impressed...?

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  1. Ummmm YEA! I'm impressed! Very nice little lady!