7 Months and 3 Years

My oh my, this post is long overdue...again!

Things have been a bit cray cray around the Cannedy Household...summer school, getting a new room ready (no not baby - classroom)...all on top of the Parks man. What has been going on you ask (pretend that you did...)? Well, let me enlighten you!

 This is 7 Month Parker...
And this is 7 Month Momma - YIKES!

Needless to say, 7 month Parker has been a little tough on his momma!  Between the frustrations of teething and trying to crawl, my normally happy baby has been extra fussy and very temperamental...NOT unlike his momma! HAHAHA! Parker has one tooth about to break through and one not far behind. I am hoping that it happens soon because I hate that he hurts and I can't do anything for him - breaks my heart. However, I have some REALLY exciting news - on Monday, July 11th, my sweet baby boy crawled for the first time. It is such a bundle of emotions. I am so glad that he is progressing and reaching milestones, but I am so sad that he is not my little baby anymore AND I am not going to be able to leave him in the floor and run to the next room quickly and know that he is going to be just where I left him. Kane and I will be Parker-proofing the house this weekend...I hope I don't forget how to unlatch the toilet lock! Ha

Now, on another note...3 years ago, Kane and I were doing this:
That's right...3 years ago, Kane made the best decision of his life - HA! We had a great evening. We had dinner and then went to see Transformers in 3D - AH-MAZING!!!!!! Plus, Parker got to spend the night at his nana's house - thank goodness for grandmothers...I got to sleep allllll night and so did Parker! I sure am grateful that he slept all night for Monda and thankful that we have such great people in our lives.

That's about all that's happening right about now...I do have a couple of fun posts coming up soon, so check back soon!

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