Yesterday started out really well - I had all these wonderful intentions of starting and hopefully completing a project or two...I really wanted to make Parker's onesies, work on my jewelry holder (that post tomorrow), and start on my purse project (that post hopefully soon). Yes, I still have my burlap lamp to complete and I have a book wreath and a necklace still in the works. However, with a 6 month old, things just don't happen like they used to!

Here is our day in pictures:
Our dining room table/craft table - a mess! See the chair on the right - that is another project - paint and recover...there's four of them.

Our living room floor - my OCD twitch is starting (kidding...kinda)

I did manage to start on Parker's onesies while he took a nap.  Two onesies and two iron-on transfers.      

Directions say to trim around the transfer and so I must oblige.

We are trimmed, placed and ready to transfer!

Directions said to use a transfer towel because you aren't supposed to let the iron touch the transfer. I tried it that way and then I tried it my way (ironing directly onto the onseie) and...

This is what I got...Disaster - why do I even attempt iron-ons...?? Every time I try them, I fail. Miserably.

Round 2 - Hello Goodwill
So, on the crafty front...disaster. On the mommy front...awesome! We had a trip to Walmart, some great tummy time, and a lot of singing and dancing while lunch was cooking. Tomorrow's post is an idea I snagged from Little Miss Momma

Hope y'all had a good one!

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