Pool Time

I am a swimmer...you couldn't tell it by looking at me, but it's true, I am! We grew up with a pool in our backyard (thanks Poppy!) From about mid-May until late September, Nathan, myself, and my dad were always in the pool. Some of the best memories that I have are from that pool. I want Parker to have the same memories that I have. Well not the same, but you know what I mean - look back on his childhood and say, "Remember when..." just like my family and I do. Not only did we have a pool, but I spent all 4 years of my high school career on the swim team...loved it and loathed it...loved to be in the water, loathed the early morning practices...I digress, I want Parker to love the water just as much as I do, so exposing him to the water is my plan to make him love it! Ha - great plan, right?!

On Saturday, the fam went to the pool at the country club. We went early enough that we had the entire pool to ourselves! We didn't have to worry about kids splashing or us being in the way - it was marvelous! The first time we went, it was the very beginning of June and the water was NOT warm at all...Parks was a trooper and enjoyed it as much as he could. I decided to buy a blow up pool for our play dates with my mommy friends and their kids and he was NOT having that water, so I was a little apprehensive about taking him back, but he LOVED the water this time around!

Here are some pictures from Saturday:
 Parker and Daddy pre-swim
 Parker and Mommy pre-swim
 Daddy enjoying the diving board
 Ahhhh I could squish those cheeks!
 Parker and Daddy post swim
 The Fam post swim

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  1. Love the pics! Looks like it was an awesome day! XOXO!!!!Miss y'all!