You see, here in our household, we always do things on Parker's "month day." At 1 month, he welcomed in a new year, at 2 months, he started daycare...4 months.......big boy bed, kinda.

I told Kane last weekend that we would try out this "crib sleeping" thing this weekend.  I just wasn't ready. Parker was, but I wasn't.  I needed one more week...all right, honestly, I was hoping that Kane would forget...I am away from him all day and I just want to be close to him even if we are sleeping.  I mean, we haven't been apart from each other since last March! Ha - seriously though, being away from him feels like my right arm is missing.  Who knew that you could be so attached after just a few short months. However, I digress...back to Friday night.  I walked back with the baby to get him ready for his bath and it hit me like a ton of bricks - tonight was THE night. I had tears in my eyes and a knot in my tummy. Fast forward - he slept and I didn't...I was waiting to hear his breathing or snoring if you ask Kane! I finally fell asleep and I woke up to his crying because my monitor wasn't working - GREAT! His first night and I can't hear him wake up, so he cried in his crib. I know, I know - it is good for them to cry, but I don't like when my baby cries, especially in a dark, new room all by himself. Did he know that he was alone? Did he know that Layla wasn't at his crib? Did he know that we were in another room? 

Skipping right along, here it is Sunday night and we have all survived. We have a whooooolllleee bunch of "firsts" ahead of us and each one will be equally hard because it means that he is growing up. I know that I can't keep him little forever and I don't want to. I need to learn that I don't always have to prepare myself for his "firsts." These last 4 months have taught me that my OCD brain doesn't need to have a perfect house all the time and there will always be laundry to do and dishes to wash, but Parker will only be this age once, because tomorrow, he will be older.  Life goes too fast already, so stop and enjoy the slobber smiles and baby squeals!

Enjoy the pics:

  Minutes old!

 I am fighting the TV for his attention!

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  1. I can TOTALLY relate. I'm dreading the day Dylan sleeps in his room. :((( But, I'm so proud of you! Lots of firsts coming your way...strap yourself in for the ride! I'm right next to ya!